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Are You Looking for Your Next Job Opportunity?

Join us in Shift60 Tech Edition

Where you shift your Mindset, Toolset, and Energy in just 60 days!

We won't promise you a job. Yet, we promise you'll have the mindset, toolset, and energy to get one! 

Our upcoming journey starts in March, Act Fast!

Ball in Spiral

Shift60 is an intensive online career bootcamp tailored for 9 job seekers in the tech industry who are committed to landing their ideal position in just 60 days!

-Wow, 60 days? I am curious to know all about the journey! 
-Can I hear from the Shifters, the people who experienced the journey before? 

Why Shift60, you ask?

Here are 7 reasons:

Powered by behavioral science, once you're in you'll never want to leave!

Connect with and get feedback from recruiters & hiring managers in Silicon Valley, FAANG Companies, and more like Microsoft, Snowflake, Deloitte, Stanford.

A lifetime access to resources, community, and a free repeat; whenever you miss us!

Customized for Tech Opportunities, Featuring: Product Managers, Data Scientists, Software Engineers, UX Designers, and More...

Shift60 #TechEdition is led by the first Stanford-certified coach in Behavior Design and Work-Life to offer this in Arabic.​

Experience a transformative journey of: group and personalized coaching, ongoing practice, and an inclusive community.

Risk-Free; you pay when you get a job!

Here are 7 reasons:

The people we are looking for?

Arabic Speakers

Actively looking for opportunities in Tech

Willing to invest 15 hours/week in Shift60

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